1. How can I retrieve my user login and password? 

For current ISAC members, your user login and password to CYTO U are the same user login and password you have for the members-only section of the ISAC Web site.  
If you remember your user login to the ISAC Web site but cannot remember your password, you can obtain your password from the ISAC Web site by clicking on the link 
“forgot your password?”. If you cannot remember your username, you can contact membership@isac-net.org for your login information.

2.     How do i view a recorded course or tutorial?

1.  Log in using your ISAC user name and password.
2.  Choose programming from the Flow Cytometry or Image Cytometry to place in cart.
3.  Complete the registration program through Checkout.
4.  Go to MyCYTO U and click on My Courses to view registered content.  

3. Do I earn CE credits for completing a CYTO U course? 

Yes, the continuing education credits are noted on the course description. All CYTO U courses qualify for ICCE continuing education credit.

4. What is the ICCE?  

ICCE stands for the International Cytometry Certification Examination.  The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) and the International Clinical Cytometry 
Society (ICCS), with generous support from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, worked with leading certification companies to establish the first cytometry certification program.  
The ICCE is offered to applicants who perform cytometry testing and demonstrate the core body of knowledge and skills necessary for being a cytometrist.  You can find more 
information online at: http://cytometrycertification.org/.

5. What are the registration fees for CYTO U? 

All CYTO U courses are free to ISAC members and non-member fees vary depending on the number of course hours. Fees are noted on the individual course description 
“More info” page.  Webinars are provided to the cytometry community free of charge. 

6. Is there a deadline to complete a CYTO U course?  

ISAC asks that all courses be completed within six months of registration. 

7. How much time will it take to complete a CYTO U eLearning course? 

The CYTO U courses were developed in module format so that students can complete a module in roughly 20-30 minutes. 

8. What is the cancellation/refund policy? 

Cancellations and refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

9. Who do I contact if I’m having technical difficulties with an online program?  

Click on the “Help” button for technical assistance or dial 1-866-702-3278 (please press 1 for Customer Support).

10. How do I submit a topic for future CYTO U courses? 

ISAC welcomes topic suggestions. Please email isac@isac-net.org.

11. How are CYTO U courses developed?  

The Education Committee of ISAC identifies topics of interest, and convenes a committee of experts in that area.  The experts develop the course material, which is then peer-reviewed 
and revised, before formatting for electronic delivery.

12. I found an error in a course, who do I contact? 

Please email isac@isac-net.org.

13. How do I become a member of ISAC? 

You can join ISAC by completing a membership application online at:  http://isac-net.org/ISAC-Members/Become-a-member.aspx.  You can also print a hard copy of the ISAC membership 
application, complete it and mail it to the ISAC headquarters for processing.  

14. What are the dates of CYTO 2014? 

May 17-21, 2014, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  You may find more information about ISAC’s annual congress at cytoconference.org.

15. Who is Peach New Media? 

Peach New Media is the CYTO U portal site development and management company.  They manage both the registrations and the technology to ensure a successful and professional event.  
If you need further information about Peach New Media, you can either go to their website,contact them by email or call their help desk at (866) 708-3278.

Still have questions? 
Click here to contact support 
Call Peach New Media at 1-866-702-3278