Effective Mentoring in a Shared Resource Lab Environment

Effective Mentoring in a Shared Resource Lab Environment


Sherry Thornton, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, USA
Nancy Fisher, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

The responsibilities of shared resource lab (SRL) directors, managers, and staff are ever changing and evolving. Sharing information and skills through mentoring can aid in quickening the pace at which these individuals can successfully establish or maintain successful SRLs. This tutorial will describe current mentoring programs for SRLs and propose novel ways to engage the mentor/mentee relationship. Many SRL leaders and staff are not educated specifically for these positions, thus, mentor/mentee relationships are crucial to building our SRLs and keeping them strong for the quick pace of research.

After participating in this tutorial, the attendee should:

  1. Acquire knowledge on mentoring programs that are available to the SRL community.
  2. Be able to identify novel techniques to engage mentees.
  3. Be able to identify specific practices that will enhance the mentor/mentee relationship.


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Seminar Date:
April 28, 2018
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Prague, Czech Republic
Effective Mentoring in a Shared Resource Lab Environment
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