Mitochondria and Cell Death by Flow Cytometry

Mitochondria and Cell Death by Flow Cytometry


Lara Gibellini, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Jose Enrique O'Connor, University of Valencia, Spain

Mitochondria are essential organelles for several cellular processes, including energy production, calcium homeostasis, reactive oxygen species production, fatty acid oxidation, metabolite synthesis and regulation of cell death. Given their crucial role in cellular functions, it is not surprising that mitochondrial malfunctions are frequently observed in a number of physio-pathological conditions, including genetic diseases, cancer and aging. Flow cytometry represents one of the most rapid and powerful tool for investigating mitochondrial phenotype at the single-cell level, allowing the generation of multiple information on single cells in a high-throughput manner, with high sensitivity and repro- ducibility.

This tutorial will introduce users to the main aspects of mitochondrial biology and cell death and will show how flow cytometry can be used to analyse those aspects of cellular biology.


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Seminar Date:
April 28, 2018
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Prague, Czech Republic
Mitochondria and Cell Death by Flow Cytometry
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