Label-Free Imaging: Ptychography-Label-Free Cytometry

This tutorial will cover the emerging area of label free microscopy, focusing on ptychography, but also introducing holography and other quantitative and semiquantitative label free imaging approaches for cytometric analysis of cells. Examples of cell cycle, cell proliferation, cell death and live cell tracking will be given. The student will leave with an insight in to what will possibly be the next big area of development in biological imaging. They will be able to understand the basic concepts, need and approaches available and leave enthused about the potential applications that this may open up for themselves and bioimaging in general.


Course Details or Outline:

  1. Basics/Overview of the fundamental physics that lie behind these fast developing label free imaging techniques
  2. A basic outline of how the ptychographic microscope is set-up will be described.
  3. An explanation of how bioimages are acquired, highlighting advantages over labelled techniques and some of its limitations
  4. Discussion of example data sets and their cytometric analysis.
  5. Open discussion - how will label free microscopy develop in the Future
Label-Free Imaging: Ptychography-Label-Free Cytometry

Speaker Information
Martin Humphry   [ view bio ]
Peter O'Toole   [ view bio ]
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American Society for Clinical Pathology
CMLE: 1.50
This continuing medical laboratory education activity is recognized by the American Society for Clinical Pathology for 1.5 CMLE credit. ASCP CMLE credits are acceptable for the ASCP Board of Registry Certification Maintenance Program.
International Society for Advancement of Cytometry
ICCE: 1.50
This Seminar is presented free of charge.