Image Cytometry for the Flow Cytometrist: When Image Really is Everything

The word "Cytometry" is a fusion of two Greek words, "kytos" meaning "basket/cell" and "metria" meaning to "measure".  Cytometry itself can be conducted in many ways but whatever the chosen approach, it almost always involves measuring the properties of single cells/particles from within large populations with the sole aim of decoding the heterogeneity inherent to all biological systems.  While Non-Image-based Flow Cytometry (NIFC) is a powerful, multi-parameter, high-throughput cytometric technology with widespread applications, it cannot provide the spatial/morphometric information often essential to addressing key biological questions.  As such a number of imaged-based cytometric approaches exist that can be grouped into a relatively broad field known as "Imaging Cytometry" (IC).  This tutorial is primarily aimed at cytometrists who have a background in NIFC and want to understand the basic principles of IC and how it can be pivotal in decoding biological heterogeneity at the cellular level.  The course will provide a generic definition and the underlying principles of IC as well as outlining the key stages in a typical IC experimental pipeline.  Application examples will be included where appropriate in order to provide context to the participants.  A recurring theme throughout the tutorial will be to compare and contrast IC with NIFC in order to provide a foundation for introducing IC as a potentially new concept to the attendees by building on their existing knowledge/experience.

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June 11, 2016
Image Cytometry for the Flow Cytometrist:  When Image really is everything
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Image Cytometry for the Flow Cytometrist: When Image Really is Everything
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