Single Cell Sorting and Genomics or "One is the loneliest number: the journey of a single cell through cytometry to genomics to bioinformatics


  • To learn the best practices for sorting single cells on different cell sorters for the range of genomics applications.
  • How to set up your facility to facilitate single cell sorting experiments
  • To understand how post sorting handling and storage can affect cells in downstream analyses
  • To recognize warning signs of degraded cells in library construction
  • To get a view of the most commonly used techniques in single cell analyses, including RNAseq, DropSeq, and 10x
  • To learn how to troubleshoot when processes fail
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June 10, 2017
Single Cell Sorting and Genomics or "One Is the Loneliest Number: The Journey of a Single Cell Through Cytometry to Genomics to Bioinformatics
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