ISAC General Business Meeting

Hear from ISAC's President Andrea Cossarizza, President-Elect Jonni Moore, Treasurer Jessica Houston and Executive Director Michelle Butler on the state of the society, its finances and future during ISAC's annual business meeting on June 23.

Join the Meeting on June 23rd at 11:00am ET.




  1. Call to Order                                                                                       Andrea Cossarizza
  2. Approval of June 26, 2019                                                                 Andrea Cossarizza
    CYTO 2019 General Business Meeting Minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report                                                                              Jessica Houston
  4. ISAC’s Leadership Development Program                                        Andrea Cossarizza
  5. ISAC – State of the Society                                                               Andrea Cossarizza
  6. Introduction of New ISAC Officers and Councilors                         Andrea Cossarizza
  7. ISAC – Moving to the Future                                                             Jonni Moore
  8. Old Business                                                                                       Jonni Moore
  9. New Business                                                                                     Jonni Moore
  10. Moderated Questions & Answers from Audience                             Michelle Butler
  11. Adjournment                                                                                      Jonni Moore


Click here to view the minutes of the 2019 ISAC General Business Meeting.

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June 23, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern
1 hour
ISAC General Business Meeting
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