Introduction to Imaging Flow Cytometry and its Preclinical and Clinical Applications

 As the Assistant Director of the Flow and Image Cytometry Facility at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Hans Minderman oversees the research applications of the various imaging (confocal, live cell imaging, imagestream cytometry) and flow cytometry platforms available in the facility, and collaborates and consults with the investigator user base. With over 30 years of experience in clinical applications of flow and image cytometry he served as the PI on the NIH funded study on clinical application of multispectral imaging flow cytometry. Analytical approaches that were developed during this period are now actively applied in the analysis at his facility of patient samples from national and international clinical trials.  In addition, the ImageStream-specific experience gained and methods developed during this research are currently applied to support ongoing NIH- and non-NIH funded research efforts by the facility’s user base. 

Imaging flow cytometry combines the speed, sensitivity and quantitative capabilities of conventional flow cytometry with the spatial resolution and quantitative capabilities of microscopy. In this webinar, the differences and commonalities between conventional flow cytometry and imaging flow cytometry are explained. With studies in cell signaling being one of the foremost applications of imaging flow cytometry, the audience will be guided through the analytical process of studying the NFkB signaling pathway by imaging flow cytometry. How this approach compares to conventional techniques of studying this pathway such as western blot analysis, microscopy and flow cytometry will be presented. During this exercise the basic principles of image analysis are explained  from the creation of the digitized images to how regions of interest are defined and how quantitative features can be derived. The webinar will end with a short overview of preclinical and clinical applications of imaging flow cytometry. 
The course is intended for researchers and students who may have previous experience with conventional flow cytometry but have yet to be introduced to imaging flow cytometry. 
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May 24, 2016 12:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Introduction to imaging flow cytometry and its preclinical and clinical applications
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