Practical Sorting

"Practical Sorting"

Presented by:

Joe Trotter
Principal Scientist, BD Fellow
BD Life Sciences
San Jose, CA

About the Presenter

Joe Trotter, Principal Scientist, BD Fellow, is a flow cytometry technology expert at BD Life Sciences.  He was honored with a Wesley J. Howe Award of BD Fellow in 2010 not only for his outstanding contributions to the flow cytometry business of BD Life Sciences, but for his extensive contributions to the field of flow cytometry over several decades.

Joe has been contributing to the development of flow cytometry beginning with his interactions with the early Los Alamos National Laboratory flow cytometry engineering efforts in the 1970s, which helped to establish flow as a key tool in biology and medicine.  He served as Director of Flow Cytometry at the Salk Institute in the 1970s and 1980s before taking the role of Flow Cytometry Core Lab Director at The Scripps Research Institute in 1995, prior to joining BD Life Sciences in 2001. To meet user needs at Salk he built several early high performance cytometers, including a multi-laser/multi-parameter cell sorter in 1983 that could be configured with either a cuvette based flow cell or a jet-in-air design and customized software developed at Los Alamos.

While at Scripps, Joe’s continued interest in flow cytometry software development and data visualization motivated him to write the flow cytometry data analysis application WinMDI in the mid-1990s, which for years was used by thousands of investigators worldwide to analyze and publish their data.

While at BD Life Sciences, Joe has continued to be a key contributor to the evolution of flow cytometry.  His insights and understanding of customer needs was key to the development of the successful BD™ LSR-II product line.  Joe was a critical contributor to the team’s success as well as to the system’s design and implementation.  He worked with Bob Hoffman, Alan Stall and others within BD to develop and implement instrument calibration and standardization, which has set the industry standard and resulted in BD’s recognition as a leader in the field. He led the development of BD FACS™ Sortware, the client side application for the BD Influx™ and FACSJazz™ cell sorting platforms.

Joe’s understanding of flow cytometry and his reputation with cytometerists worldwide has provided him multiple opportunities to demonstrate his expertise.  He is a regular contributor and teacher of domestic and international flow cytometry courses.  He has published key papers on flow cytometry and is frequently invited to speak and teach at cell analysis conferences and cytometry workshops. He is currently working on developing next generation systems within the BD Advanced Research Group at BD Life Sciences.


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September 11, 2017 12:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
Practical Sorting
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